Codes of devils / demons named ?borum?


 These devils / demons have the following negative qualities:

  • Many of these devils can read your mind and hear and see what you think, so they’re able to get into action against all that you've planned or what you thought or planned to do.
  • These devils and demons are also known to manipulate your feelings and emotions so that you're less likely to analyze a problem in a neutral way.
  • The devils and demons can make you feel pain in the psysical body in the form of energy, some people are still unaware that energy also hurts without there is something wrong on a psysical level .
  • These devils and demons are also working to bring down your self-esteem and will do everything so that you are going to believe it.
  • Sometimes you can feel these negative forces / energies, but they can also hide and be unnoticeable.
  • These negative forces / energies are also specialized in irrational fears.
  • These negative forces / energies are also extending their intelligence. They abuse your intelligence. If you’re aware of them they change their tactics in a way you won’t notice.
  • These negative forces / energies may have implanted some sort of energy in your system so they can remotely monitor you and they can take appropriate steps, from a distance, so that you block in your daily life. And / or physical: e.g. your voice could be blocked from one moment to the other and/or you can’t produce any sound. (Lose your voice).  Your throat / fifth chakra.
  • Also anything that has got to do to with manipulating and/or blocking your free will.
  • The negative forces and energies react to the name ‘Borum’. Once you read, think or say their name they are present.  Even now when you read this text.
  • The diabolical hierarchies called ‘Borum’, exist in many forms. All the names you can make of the letters 

B O R U M has got something to do with these evil forces, also any code with the letter B, the letter O, the letter R the letter U and the letter M. 

NOTE: The above text is a supplementary text for Lightworkers and Light Warriors. For those who first read such a text do not be affraid. You're always protected by The Light / GOD, but it is important that you come to action, even when you feel you’re not a Lightworker. If you burn the codes then you are already a Lightworker. Any help and awareness to this subject is important to: you, your surroundings and the world.


If you want to be disconnected from the above code, follow the instructions below:

Go in meditation and ask God through your heart if a start can be made to be disconnected from the Devils / Satans named: BORUM and / or any negative energy that has got to do with or is related to BORUM.

Ask through your heart to: GOD, THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE,  ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL, if  you may be freed from Devils / Satans named: BORUM in any form whatsoever.

Write: GOD IS OMNIPOTENT 13 times over this sheet of paper, and then burn it.

Do the same with the picture ‘Borum’ below.

The people and / or  Lightworkers who burn the code of the Devils / Satans named: BORUM, have got the protection of  ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL.

Note: You may receive a strong physical reaction after burning this code.

Ps: CHAAS is commissioned by the THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE, ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL to shield the codes with Divine Energy so the code Borum and it’s variations are anchored in THE LIGHT / GOD.


Rotterdam, 18 augustus 2008