Codex gigas


Around the year 1229 – 1230 a.d. Hermanus the monk wrote the Devil Bible ‘Codex Gigas’ about Satanic 

energies / codes. (originally 640 pages)

The negative codes of the Devils, Satans and negative forces what the monk Hermanus (Hermanus Hermit / Herman the Recluse) could perceive at that time according to his level of awareness / knowledge were written by him in The CODEX GIGAS, but there are many more negative codes than that.

The monk Hermanus is cooperating with The New Divine Plan for the disposal / cleansing of negative forces, devils, satans, etc.


If you want to be disconnected from the above code follow the instructions below:

Get in meditation and ask God through your heart if a start can be made to be disconnected from the 

the Devils / Satans who are mentioned in or who are linked with the book the Codex Gigas, 640 pages . Ask through your heart to: GOD,ANGEL NUMBER ONE, ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL, if  you may be freed from the written information in the Codex Gigas. 

Also: say through your heart 13 times this name: Codex Gigas

  1. Codex Gigas
  2. Codex Gigas
  3. Codex Gigas
  4. Codex Gigas
  5. Codex Gigas
  6. Codex Gigas
  7. Codex Gigas
  8. Codex Gigas
  9. Codex Gigas
  10. Codex Gigas
  11. Codex Gigas
  12. Codex Gigas
  13. Codex Gigas

Write: GOD IS OMNIPOTENT 13 times over this sheet of paper, and then burn it.

Do the same with the picture of the Codex Gigas.

The people and / or  Lightworkers who burned the code of the CODEX GIGAS 

have got the protection of Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel.

Note: You may receive a strong physical reaction after burning this code


Rotterdam, 5 mei 2009