hierarchy devils ?b e ë l z e b u l? - king of the dark ?b e ë l z e b u l?


"BEËLZEBUL" has been named by God in the Bible in Matthew chapter 12 verse 24.

The negative forces of  "BEËLZEBUL" are powerful. That includes the specialization in hiding / getting rid of whatever kind of information that has got to do with / or leads to "BEËLZEBUL".

Furthermore, these Devils / Satans will try to hide all information that leads to the direction and or awareness of  the hierarchy of  Devils / Satans / Demons called "BEËLZEBUL". They hide it by diversion from the memory of people’s minds in order to erase and / or block this information about these hierarchy devils and satans. (Forgetful / forgotten).

"BEËLZEBUL" has always tried not to be noticed. "BEËLZEBUL" is specialized in everything negative/evil and has a tremendous destructive power.

Now the time has come, and with the approvel of  the Divine World from today 07/07/2009, to start with the cleansing of  these large negative forces of  "BEËLZEBUL" 


If you want to be disconnected from the above code, follow the instructions below:

Go in meditation and ask God through your heart if a start can be made to be disconnected from the 

Devils / Satans / negative forces and hierarchies of  "BEËLZEBUL". Ask through your heart to: God, THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE,  ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL, if  you may be freed from anything that has got to do with "BEËLZEBUL " in any form whatsoever.

Also: say through your heart 13 times this name "BEËLZEBUL" 

  1. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  2. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  3. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  4. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  5. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  6. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  7. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  8. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  9. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  10. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  11. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  12. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’
  13. ‘B E Ë L Z E B U L’

Write: GOD IS OMNIPOTENT 13 times over this sheet of paper, and then burn it.

The people and / or  Lightworkers who burned the code of the Devils / Satans BEËLZEBUL have got the protection of Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel.

Note: You may experience a strong physical reaction after burning this code even when it looks like nothing happens right after you’ve burned it.

PS. Most people call these devils / satans: BEELZEBUB this is not the correct name, the correct name is BEËLZEBUL


Rotterdam, 7 juli 2009