Procedure for disconnection negative codes


The order from The Light under the guidance of Archangel Michael and Gabriel is the following:

Concentrate and picture the names / secret images in your mind.

Think of God and ask to God if this codes / names / spheres may be disconnected from your   spiritual bodies, energy bodies, physical body, cells and DNA hormomen. (ask 9 times.)

Ask to God if all energies from past lives of you, that still exist in these systems, if they may be cleansed and if they may be put back according to the plan of GOD / The Light. (9 x.)

For those who want to be disconnected from these names / codes: Go into meditation and / or pray to GOD and say the following with your thinking voice: "Yes, I want." (9 x.)

All that these names / codes have distorted in any life or energy whatsoever is being reversed (9 x.)

These names / codes set the negative creative force from The Darkness in action through thoughts and feelings in the earth / third dimension.

Now The Angelic Legions of Angels Michael and Gabriel start, according to The Divine Plan from GOD / The Light, to detach the codes that may be disconnected from you. This may cause a severe reaction (physical and / or mental) by some people.

The dimensions / aliens / (planets) systems / spheres / who collaborate with The Darkness enter the thoughts and feelings through these codes / connections. Once these connections are detached, they can not manipulate humans on earth as much via thoughts and feelings.

You will feel the difference when they are disconnected.

Furthermore, The Angels are systematically working on the disconnect of codes from the earth. It is systematically disconnected what each of you personally can handle. This can´t be done at once, but every little bit helps (more information on this topic at the workshops).


Rotterdam, 12 januari 2004