Negative codes of kanga


This is one of the negative codes of the Devils / Satans and negative forces that have to do with KANGA.

KANGA can occur like they’re from The Light. KANGA can appear in many forms / shapes. Usually in animal shapes e.g. as negative Sekhmet and / or Sekmet. KANGA has, among other things, taken the sacred number 9 from GOD and reversed it to the number 6. In other words, KANGA took the number 9 from The Divine Forces and has turned / rotated / reversed the number 9 to use / abuse the Divine Energies for himself, the negative number six (6). 

Note: the number 6 from GOD is positive.


If you want to be disconnected from the above code, follow the instructions below:

Go in meditation think of GOD and ask through the heart whether a start can be made to be disconnected from the Devils / Satans of  Kanga. Ask from your heart to: GOD, THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE,  ANGEL MICHEAL and ANGEL GABRIEL, if  you may be freed from everything that has got to do with KANGA in any form whatsoever.

Also: Say through the heart 13 times the name KANGA

  1. KANGA
  2. KANGA
  3. KANGA
  4. KANGA
  5. KANGA
  6. KANGA
  7. KANGA
  8. KANGA
  9. KANGA
  10. KANGA
  11. KANGA
  12. KANGA
  13. KANGA

 Also: Say through the heart 13 times; The negative SIX (6)

  1. The negative SIX (6)
  2. The negative SIX (6)
  3. The negative SIX (6)
  4. The negative SIX (6)
  5. The negative SIX (6)
  6. The negative SIX (6)
  7. The negative SIX (6)
  8. The negative SIX (6)
  9. The negative SIX (6)
  10. The negative SIX (6)
  11. The negative SIX (6)
  12. The negative SIX (6)
  13. The negative SIX (6)

Write: GOD IS OMNIPOTENT 13 times over this sheet of paper, and then burn it.

Do the same with the picture of Kanga and the negative six (6) below.

The people and / or  Lightworkers who burn the code of the Devils / Satans of Kanga and the negative six (6) 

have got the protection of   ANGEL MICHEAL and ANGEL GABRIEL.

Note: You may experience a strong physical reaction after burning this code.  



Rotterdam, 10 april 2009