Seven (7) devils/demons who pose as and/or imitate god


In the past, the aforementioned Devils / Demons have impersonated GOD to mislead humanity.

These seven (7) Devils / Demons have big and strong hierarchies at their disposal and throughout the centuries they have strengthened and built up their powers by twisting and tapping of the Divine Energy.

These seven (7) Devils / Demons which occur and pose as GOD can give humans good feelings and they let the spiritual people see all kinds of beautiful things.

These seven (7) Devils / Demons have the following code: 010101666010101


If you want to be disconnect from the above code, follow the instructions below:

Go in meditation and ask GOD through your heart if a start can be made to be disconnected from the seven (7) Devils / Demons posing as GOD and / or any negative energy that has got to do with or is related to these seven (7) Devils / Demons who impersonate GOD. Ask from your heart to; GOD, THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE, ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL GABRIEL, if you may be freed from these seven (7) Devils / Demons and their hierarchies that occur and pose as GOD in any form whatsoever.

Also: say through your heart 13 times:  01 01 01 6 6 6 01 01 01



  1. 010101666010101
  2. 010101666010101
  3. 010101666010101
  4. 010101666010101
  5. 010101666010101
  6. 010101666010101
  7. 010101666010101
  8. 010101666010101
  9. 010101666010101
  10. 010101666010101
  11. 010101666010101
  12. 010101666010101
  13. 010101666010101

Write: GOD IS OMNIPOTENT 13 times over this sheet of paper, and then burn it.

The people and / or Lightworkers who burn this code of the seven (7) Devils / Demons and their hierarchies that occur as GOD in whatever kind of form, have the protection of THE ANGEL NUMBER ONE, ANGEL MICHAEL, ANGEL GABRIEL and *NAGA PERCONA. *(Naga = Dragon, Percona = Personal)

Note: You may experience a strong physical reaction after burning this code.


Rotterdam, 3 december 2009