Book of Revelation Chapter 16 / The plagues and the Wrath of GOD/ The period of Armageddon



In these current times, most of mankind still does not have the awareness to understand what is mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 16) concerning the vials that hold what is called “the Wrath of GOD” and that, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the vials containing the Wrath of GOD/plagues will be poured over the Earth and mankind. Mankind does not see the correlation between this mentioning in the Book of Revelation and the spread of the new coronavirus.

Mankind and the governmental leaders are still trying to control the spread of the virus, which is an attempt to control the effect, without any awareness of the cause. Most people and governmental leaders do not proceed to have faith or trust in the Divine World but they want to exercise control over that which is out of their control. Practically nobody is looking or searching for the cause, all attention is focused on the effect. Therefore mankind is not yet aware of the true cause/origin of why the new coronavirus holds humanity in its grip.

(Reference to Revelations Chapter 16, and the 7 ANGELS who pour out the 7 vials that hold GOD‘ Wrath.)

As long as mankind is not aware that the occurring pandemic is part of that which is mentioned in the Book of Revelation concurring the plagues/content of the Vials that are poured onto the Earth, these plagues will only continue longer and longer until mankind gains the awareness of their origin.
The period we live in currently is the period of Armageddon (Revelations 16:16) “and it is the time for mankind to realize what the true reason for these plagues is”. The longer it takes for them to understand this, the longer these plagues will last.

It takes big events which have lots of impact on mankind to draw their attention to the true reason of why everything what is going on in the world today, is happening.


Rotterdam, 9 november 2020