Message from ARSYADHUPA


Message from ARSYADHUPA for the Lightworkers on Earth:

The negative is currently working from a divide and conquer strategy, with the goal to create division and disharmony amongst the lightworkers as a whole. This plays out, among other things, in distortion of thoughts and feelings and distortion of the perception that the lightworkers hold of each other. The negative is trying to turn you against one another so that they themselves stay out of harm’s way.

The negative strives for competition among the lightworkers. However, the possibility for any form of competition amongst the lightworkers does not exist. Each one of you will always receive what is needed in regards to the task that has been appointed to you by THE LIGHT. It is not possible that competition would exist in regards to available resources or in regards to the position/function appointed to you by the DIVINE WORLD.

You are a team, a unity within diversity. Each member of the team is important and is carefully appointed to his or her position which is most suitable regarding his or her qualities and experiences received by the DIVINE WORLD.

The meaning of unity within diversity in this instance is, you are all individually different, but from the Other World in this World, you are a unity.

The lightworkers on Earth do never work alone, the work as ALL-ONE.



Rotterdam, 7 april 2022