My name is CHAAS, born 13-04-1954.

In 1983 I was approached by the Angel Michael and the Angel Gabriel and the Prophets in Indonesia and was initiated into the Divine Plan for the earth.

To initiate the Divine Plan, from GOD the old/new energy was initiated with the purpose of obtaining new experiences in the earthly world and then converting the new experiences into earthly knowing/knowledge. With this new knowing/knowledge one can put down the new method of this earthly thinking into new tangible earthly results.

The basis of everything is that people become aware of positive and negative energy. In order to get and/or receive a pure view, one has to get in touch with God in one's mind.

The undersigned CHAAS is a medium who in full consciousness is in contact with the Divine dimension to put the joint Divine universal Plan into action. People who wish to be initiated into this Divine energy can receive conscious insights in an accelerated process and then initiate new earthly results from the Divine universal Plan for the earth from the Divine dimension.


Rotterdam, 9 september 1999