A lot of symbols have been stained. This means that a lot of symbols released by the Divine and the information behind it has been explained by people to other people/third parties in the wrong way.

This is the information regarding the Holy Grail:

The Holy Grail is a golden goblet with a special liquid in it from the Divine in yourself. It is actually Energy. The golden goblet means that all the experiences during our life regarding the search to the Divine we should use it as very beautiful and a holy experience. And that we use the information wisely. The fluid is actually spiritual food. You drink it, food. Spiritual food means: spiritual growth, experience, the Divine in you.

It is actually one of the signs that you search for it to your Higher Self, that you come on your way to the Path of the Sikh Dharma to your Higher Self. The Holy Grail. All people on Earth have a Holy Grail in themselves. Your inner world, the world of mystery, the journey. You are/you should do the first step in yourself, to start the journey in yourself to find your real Self and from there the way to the Divine World.

There are in the past all kinds of miss and fake information regarding the Holy Grail. And there are people who are searching in this life for an item that has been materialized, the Holy Grail. There are a lot of stories around the Holy Grail, but this is misleading information.


Rotterdam, 26 januari 2023