BIBLE: ZECHARIAH 4 - verse 6


“ Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.
~ Zechariah 4, verse 6. Old Testament, King James Bible 1611”

The Spirit, the HOLY GHOST of THE CREATOR, GOD is inside all the people. As soon the people search for the Divine, the Holy Spirit will be active. The people feel them in their feelings and incoming thoughts. That`s the only way to come from your conscious to your Higher Conscious. We as a human beings cannot proof that GOD exists in the material world. We only can experience the Divine in our inner world. All the people that are searching for the Divine will receive always or sometimes during their search all kinds of experiences in their inner world. And the experience will be very convincing, that the people that are searching, that receive that experience know it is from the Divine, and they will remember it as the Truth, that they are on their way to the Divine. The search from your inner world, in your inner world into the World of the Divine. And on the experience they can build, step by step, that`s the Truth. And there`s only the way. The HOLY GHOST will always support you during your search to the Divine. The way to your Higher Self, the way to your Higher Conscious. AMEN.

And everything mentioned in the holy books:
“ Not by might, nor by power ”
That means all the religions that use power or all kind of punishment or all kinds of words that they, that the people receive an image of GOD of punishment, is not according to THE LIGHT. THE CREATOR is a GOD of Love, based on the Free Will. That` the only way to come to the Divine. And everything that has to do with churches or all kinds of other things, or religions with all kinds of rules and regulations what blocks the Free Will of the people is not according to the Divine. AMEN


Rotterdam, 19 februari 2023