The year 2024 - from 01-01-2024 t/m 31-12-2024 - will be all about surprises, both from positive and negative.

In the year 2024, people will have to be extra alert on all kinds of accidents and unforeseen circumstances. Tricky situations that before would turn out well but would be what we call 'a very close call ' might, in the year 2024, turn out in your disadvantage. This applies to both small matters for individuals and general matters on a global scale.

Furthermore, in the year 2024:
- There will be more earthquakes, floods, and generally more natural disasters on Earth.
- People will 'flip out ' more easily.
- People will experience more emotional issues in general.
- People might experience in themselves or with others that in certain situations you or someone else acts/reacts in a way which you would have never expected yourself or others to act/ react like this.
- What was previously not possible or seemed impossible will be possible for certain people and situations. The impossible becomes possible. This is a result of the manifestation of The LIGHT on Earth.
- The tensions in the spheres/ in between worlds will continue to increase. As a result of this people might experience a lot more (inexplicable) tensions within themselves or in contact with others. In other words: under the same circumstances as before people might experience more stress and pressure than they used to.

The manifestation of The LIGHT on Earth also gives people on Earth the opportunity to gain new insights, more quickly. However, a certain group of people will repeatedly be unable to get these insights. The difference in consciousness between people on Earth will for some, become more and more visible: separation of the Spirits.

In the year 2024 the trial of strength in energy will be stronger than the year 2023. As a result, situations will escalate more easily with greater consequences. Every escalation starts with an escalation in the energy/spheres/in between worlds. The escalation we experience on Earth is a reaction to an escalation in energy. The escalations in energy will, in many ways, become more and more visible on Earth such as: unrest, aggression, pain, injustice and all kinds of inexplicable (physical) pains.

The above has to do with the manifestation of The LIGHT on Earth


Rotterdam, 2 februari 2024