Predestination & Free Will



There is a general and a personal predestination.

The predestination in general concerns the Earth, humanity/life.

The predestination personally concerns: your life(s) on Earth and what you are predestined for. Within every human being there are hidden qualities which we received from the Divine World. These qualities give every person the opportunity to achieve the goal where the qualities are suitable for.

Free Will
Every human being on Earth received from GOD the Free Will.

Predestination and Free Will
Everything man needs to achieve their predestination (the goal) is present in man. The qualities are hidden in man. In other words, humans are not aware of many of these qualities.

As soon as man searches for GOD/ The Divine within himself, the negative will, at all times, try to prevent you from discovering what your qualities are actually suitable for. If the negative knows what goal/ predestination you can achieve regarding personal and/ or general, they will try to block this at all times.

During our life on Earth the Free Will of every person is being influenced by feelings and thoughts. For some people the Free Will can become one‘s own enemy. In other words, struggle and rise above. We need the struggle to be able to notice the Divine.

We can meet the Divine within ourselves, based on the qualities we have available. The qualities have emerged from experiences from previous lives and are further developed in this life. Through all our lives and all the experiences, we receive knowledge/ wisdom. The more knowledge/ wisdom we receive, the freer we as human beings will become.

Every person has received from GOD the Free Will: every person has a choice. The Free Will is influenced by feelings and thoughts. For certain people, the predestination was not achieved because the choice of temptations in the earthly world was too great or more interesting than what they have agreed on.


Rotterdam, 10 maart 2024